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‘Game Over Man’ shuts down shop as it moves from Nintendo to Sony, Microsoft

A game studio in California that made a popular game called “Game Over Me” has shut down its doors after a weeklong legal battle with Microsoft and Sony.

The shutdown of the company is part of a broader trend in games that is taking on more of a cultural importance, as publishers are trying to shift the cultural landscape of video games and the role of games in their entertainment and marketing.

The Game Over Man video game, which was developed in 2014 by developer Playlogic, was widely acclaimed in 2016 for its humor and its depiction of a gay man who goes to his death after a violent breakup.

It’s the first major game to be shut down by a major publisher in the video game industry.

“It’s like an epidemic, where it’s like, this is what we’re going to do to these games,” said Matt LeBlanc, who runs the game development studio in Los Angeles.

“This is what people are going to be playing.

This is what the world is going to play.”

LeBlans company, Playlogics, is one of the few that has made a major game with a gay protagonist, which is why it was targeted by Microsoft and other publishers.

Microsoft announced last month that it had pulled the title from its store because of a change in the legal status of the games industry, which it said is being led by companies that are not fully inclusive of gay and lesbian players.

“We’ve taken a look at our position in the industry and we have decided to take this action to ensure that all the games in our stores are open to everyone,” Microsoft said in a statement to GamesBeat.

Sony and Microsoft have been accused of discriminating against their own platforms in recent years, particularly in the wake of the PlayStation 4 Pro, a console that can render full games playable at 1080p, even when it’s running on a 1080p monitor.

Sony has also been accused by some LGBT groups of using “discriminatory” language to describe the games it produces.

“If they want to make a game that is going after an audience that they’ve historically been targeting and making money off, they’re going after us,” said LeBlan.

“There’s no way they can make that game.”

Leblans team made about a dozen games for Playlogs website and on the Game Over Me website for years.

Playlog and Playlog are now in a joint venture with Zynga.

The new partnership means that all three companies will be able to release their games on the Playlog Games platform, and LeBlanes team will continue to release the games on Playlog.

“In the past, we were trying to make sure we weren’t taking the industry in a bad direction,” said Leigh Alexander, PlayLogic’s president.

“But it’s just hard to make that kind of leap.

We don’t want to be the company that gets hit in the face with the hammer of the industry.”

LeBeaux said the move to open Playlog to developers was not a decision that came easily, but it was the best thing for the studio and the industry.

The company is now looking for a new publisher.

“Playlogic is a good partner, and we’ve had a lot of good conversations with them about making a new game with our team,” LeBlanchans said.

“And we’re not going to give up the game.

We’re not giving up our passion.

We still love the games that we made and we still love to play them.

We have our heart in the game and we’re just going to keep playing.”

Lebeaux added that the studio was in the process of making an announcement regarding its future.

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