‘You can’t help but think it’s a nightmare’: Family members react to Australia’s deadly pandemic

Jul 14, 2021 Use

The family of an Australian woman who died after contracting the coronavirus are mourning the loss of their loved one.

Alyssa Cuthbertson, 25, from Adelaide, was the first Australian to contract the coronivirus in the country.

She was admitted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in December last year with a cough, fever and headache.

“She was the perfect person for us to have,” said her father, Steve Cuthbert.

“The fact she had the coronovirus and that she was still alive after all this time and the fact she was in a good place, I’m just overwhelmed.”

Alyssas family in Adelaide.

Photo: Supplied In January, a coronavivirus testing centre at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Adelaide opened for the first time, but it was overwhelmed by the influx of patients and staff.

At the time, Alyssa’s mother, Michelle, said she was not surprised by the numbers.

“It’s been so overwhelming,” she said.

“As the coronatoxes have spread around Australia, people have been getting sicker, more people have died.”

There’s been a lot of sadness and we’re just so relieved that the coronas have come.

“Ms Cuthobertson’s family were initially told by the coronacovirus response that she had been tested positive for the virus, but she later tested negative.

The coronaviruses circulating in Australia were first discovered in South Africa in 2009, and were first reported in the United States in April this year.

The disease has since spread across the world, killing more than 11,000 people and prompting health authorities to warn of a “Pandemic of pandemic proportions”.

On Friday, the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) announced that coronaviral testing centres in Victoria and Queensland will be able to start processing positive results within two weeks.

The announcement follows reports of positive tests in the states.AUSTRALIAN PANDEMICANS ARE WORRIED by coronavirotosis, says ABC’s Victoria Jones article In an effort to protect their families, Australian pandemic-era pandemic pandemic patients and their caregivers have been encouraged to avoid travel to places where coronavires are spreading.

But not everyone is so confident, and not everyone has been able to get a test for the pandemic.ABC News’ Victoria Jones reports from Melbourne.

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