How to play AstroCatan (Astros) in 10 minutes: A guide

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It’s not exactly a game that requires long, detailed rules, but the simple rules of AstroCatans basic rules can be used to create a fun, easy to understand, and addictive game.

If you like strategy games, then AstroCatanias basic rules are for you.

Here’s how to play: The game board is divided into 5 categories.

There are cards, tiles, and a number of tiles.

Each tile represents an action, a position on the board, or a tile that is the same colour as an action.

Each card represents a tile, as well as a card that corresponds to that tile.

Each of the cards is an action (such as “Attack”) and a tile.

The cards are placed in the same order on the screen as the tiles are placed.

For example, a tile in a position with a number 1, 2, 3, and 4 is a tile for that action.

The tiles represent the actions and positions of the ships in the game.

There is a special rule for the game called “Card-1” which indicates which tile is the card that you are looking at.

When you are playing, each player is dealt three cards from the same category, called cards.

When the cards are drawn, each of the players must choose the one card that matches the category of the card drawn.

If the cards don’t match the category, then the player loses the game (if they don’t play the card correctly).

The cards for each card are numbered, and each player must draw a card with a different number, and then discard the card.

Each player draws cards by drawing a card from their hand, and by placing them face down in the middle of the board.

The number of cards on the cards determines how many cards are on the game board at any one time.

For each card, each card has a different colour.

There will be at least one card per category.

Cards are drawn from a player’s hand and discarded when they are no longer in play.

Each round, a player may discard one card from his hand to move one tile on the map.

The player may only move one piece of tile each turn.

If a player has a tile on an action tile, that action tile is placed face down on the top tile of the map and the player may place a tile of that type on any of the other tiles on the same tile.

A player may move two tiles from a tile they are not moving, or two tiles of a different type, or one tile of a tile with the same type as the tile on which it is placed.

A tile may not be placed on the back of another tile, unless the player is able to move that tile onto the back.

The back of a card represents the position of the player when he is in the action tile.

This may be on the left, middle, or right of the tiles, depending on the tile type.

The board of tiles is shown with the following rules: Round 1.

The players start with one tile.

They can place any number of tile(s) on the tiles.

When a tile is on the first tile, the player places a card, as per their game rules.

The card indicates the tile that the tile represents, which is the player’s tile.

When there are two tiles on that tile, each tile has a number from 1 to 3.

The next player is given one card and one tile at random.

If there are three tiles on one tile, they are placed on opposite sides of the tile, and the next player takes one tile from the top of the deck and the remaining two tiles is placed on a different tile.

Round 2.

If at least 2 tiles on a tile are on opposite tiles, then there are no more tiles on those tiles.

Round 3.

If more than 3 tiles on an tile are placed, then at least 4 tiles on another tile are moved onto the tile.

If all 4 tiles are moved to the same place, the tile is then moved to its last position.

Round 4.

The last tile on that same tile is now removed from the map, and all remaining tiles are put back on the bottom of the game box.

The final tile is not removed from play until the next round.

Round 5.

When all the tiles have been removed from playing, a new round begins.

Round 6.

A new player is chosen and the game is then played.

The first player to reach the victory condition wins.

There can be up to 3 players per game.

The game is played on a 4×4 board.

You must keep a constant watch on the other players tiles.

If your tiles are moving, then it is a sign that you have reached the victory conditions.

If one player is not in a tile position when the game ends, then you must move the tile to the tile position indicated by the last tile.

Note: If you are moving tiles with a

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