Perfect Game – New game streaming service is here, but it’s not for free

Nov 25, 2021 Help

You’re not a gamer, but you love free games.

That’s how the company behind Perfect Game announced the creation of a streaming service for those who are willing to pay.

The Perfect Game service will work similarly to the company’s original game streaming app, but with an added twist.

Instead of a subscription to a subscription-based service like Netflix, the Perfect Game streaming service will be a free service.

“It’s a different service,” Perfect Game co-founder, Matt Bickford, said in an interview.

“We have a completely different platform.”

Bickffords team is working on the service for the last couple of months, and the launch of the service is set for October 20.

The service will include over 1,000 games that have been created for the platform, and will allow people to download games and watch them in their homes.

“I’m really excited about the platform and the opportunity to bring games that people enjoy to the platform,” Bickfords said.

“The idea of having it be a platform that you can go to and download and watch games is really exciting.”

The service is expected to be similar to the ones that have already existed for PlayStation Vue, but will have a more streamlined interface.

Perfect Game also plans to be able to show video of games and show ads for them, and Bickfs team is currently working on ways to stream games from the streaming service.

Perfect Games founders say that they are aiming to make the service more than just a gaming app, and they’re hoping that users will get hooked on it as they spend more time playing games.

“That’s the kind of thing that we’re passionate about,” Bockford said.

The idea of the streaming app comes as a result of the popularity of social gaming, which is where people can create their own games and share them with others.

Bockfords team sees social gaming as a major opportunity to grow the game-streaming market, but also as a potential platform for the game industry to take on the more traditional video-game industry.

“If you look at how video game companies have been using social networks to grow their business, there’s an enormous opportunity to take that business and run with it,” Bicks said.

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