What if the Browns had played the Browns?

Oct 14, 2021 Introduction

The Browns are looking to build a contender this year and that means rebuilding the defense.

It doesn’t mean they should be making a move that might look good on paper, but rather one that will put the franchise in a better position to compete in the NFL.

In terms of roster moves, there is a lot to consider.

First, the Browns need to add some depth to the secondary, and while I like some of the moves being made in the draft, I’m skeptical of any moves that could be done without adding more depth.

In particular, the team needs to be patient with cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

The Browns have struggled at corner this year, with Ramsey only playing five games.

Ramsey struggled with the transition from safety to cornerback and that could cost him his starting spot.

There are also concerns about Ramsey’s speed, as he’s only recorded five receptions for 55 yards this year.

Ramsey is also a free agent and could sign elsewhere.

The team is also expected to sign cornerback Josh Robinson, and it could help the team fill a hole that could have come with an injured Calais Campbell.

The Browns need another cornerback, but they are also expected in free agency this year as well.

If the Browns do sign a cornerback, it will be an upgrade from what they have now.

They have four available cornerback spots and it is possible that a new deal could be reached with Ramsey, but the team will have to be creative.

The draft has been a disaster for the Browns this year with their first-round pick and the third-round selection.

That has left the team with two cornerbacks that could potentially be top five picks if they are the ones who are released.

In addition to that, the draft is set to be the most expensive draft in NFL history.

The first round could end up being the most valuable one, so the Browns should not expect a lot of free agency signings.

The move to free agency could be the best of the lot for the Cleveland Browns.

They could sign a new quarterback, but also sign a veteran receiver or a veteran tight end.

These moves could be good for the franchise and could help improve the team as a whole.

It’s unclear what the future holds for Cleveland.

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