What if a man in the military can play Tetris?

Sep 27, 2021 Help

I’ve played Tetris before.

I think it’s cool.

The idea of Tetris is that it’s like an old school game where you move around in different ways and have to try and find the most efficient way to move around, and it’s a bit like chess, but it’s not really about strategy.

It’s more of a visual language.

It lets you visualize things.

You can play it for 30 minutes and you’re really going to see a lot of things that you can’t do otherwise.

But it’s also like, I don’t know, you’re not going to have a lot time to think about strategy, because you’re going to just have to move.

It is an extremely complicated game.

It takes a long time to play, it takes a lot to learn.

And it takes too much time to practice, because it’s just a matter of finding the optimal solution.

And that’s the challenge of Tetrick: You need a lot more practice to get a lot better.

So what if a guy in the Air Force can play the game?

That’s one of the most amazing things about the Tetris game.

That guy could potentially do a lot in a short amount of time.

So, yeah, I would totally be interested in playing Tetris, and I would certainly be interested to see how that guy would be able to play Tetrick.

But I think there’s a little bit of a disconnect between the military and the rest of society.

And the military is, like, pretty cool, and that’s why people gravitate toward it.

And if you’re a guy who wants to do some serious, big-time things, like being in the National Guard or the Coast Guard or some sort of special ops unit, I think that might be a pretty cool place to be.

[Fox News, The Trews, 12/13/16]

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