Which is better for gaming: a Mac or a PC?

Sep 23, 2021 Use

A couple of years ago, when it came to the best laptop or a Mac, most people would have answered that the latter was easier to set up and run, while the former was more customizable and had more storage.

But this is changing.

The new PC market is more of a mix of the two, and we’ve found that a Mac offers a better gaming experience for everyone, regardless of their computing capabilities.

Here’s why.1.

It’s more affordableThis is not surprising, as the cost of the Mac’s processor is higher than the Intel’s.

For many, this will be a factor in whether they decide to buy an Intel-based machine, but it also helps explain why a MacBook Pro, for example, can be as powerful as a GTX 970.

For that reason, the MacBook Pro is more affordable than a GTX 980.

And this is not just for the money: Apple is selling two Macs with the same Core i5 processor, so you can get an extra $10 to $15 off the MacBook Air.

In short, it makes the MacBook a more affordable machine to use.2.

It has more RAM, storage, and graphicsThe MacBook Pro has 8GB of RAM, while MacBook Air comes with 16GB of storage.

In addition, the Mac comes with a 512GB SSD and 4K video, so it has more memory for the same amount of storage space.

The extra RAM will make it easier to install new games on your Mac, which can help with performance.

The Mac also has a better GPU than the MacBook, but that’s not necessarily a reason to buy one.3.

It comes with more appsIf you’re a gamer, the iPad Pro is probably going to be a better laptop than the Mac, but there are some games that make use of the iPad’s larger screen, so buying one is a good way to get a great gaming experience.

If you prefer a more portable experience, the XPS 13 is also a great choice.4.

It includes better coolingThe MacBook has a lower-power heatsink than the X

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