Ray-Ray’s game gets ‘Super Mario-like’ update with a new trailer and gameplay

Sep 5, 2021 About

Ray-Rays is pleased to announce Super Mario-style visuals and gameplay for Ray-ray’s upcoming game.

Ray-ray is a new adventure game from the creator of Ray-rays Adventures and Ray-RAY.

Ray-ry’s adventure game is set in a futuristic world and is set to be released for the Wii U on April 30.

In the game, Ray- ray travels through the mysterious Ray-rials environment and has to battle enemies, enemies who are trying to stop him and the ray-ray itself.

Ray Ray has a unique gameplay system where he can switch between different weapons and abilities depending on what he needs to accomplish his mission.

Ray’s abilities are based on the ray, which he has to use to shoot enemies and collect crystals.

Ray ray has a super-cool ability called “Ray Ray- Ray Ray-” that shoots lasers that can destroy walls and projectiles.

Ray is also able to fly by using the Ray ray ray ability and can move at great speeds.

Rayray’s story follows Ray- rays adventures in a city called The Town.

Ray rays a ray ray ray that can shoot lasers that attack the enemies and destroy their walls.

Rayrays main enemy is the ray ray.

Rayraes main goal is to collect the ray rays crystals.

Rayray is set on a sci-fi world that Ray- rays has never seen before.

RayRay’s world will be filled with a variety of different worlds that will have different environments, characters and more.

RayRAY’s first trailer was released on January 7 and was shown to the public on January 13.

Rayrays game is currently in development and has not yet been officially announced.

RayRays Kickstarter campaign has reached over $5,800.

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