How to play Minecraft VR on Vive with Oculus Rift video guide

Aug 26, 2021 Help

Minecraft VR’s multiplayer mode is available on the Oculus Rift headset, but you’ll need to use your HTC Vive controller to get started.

In order to use VR on the Vive, you’ll have to download the VR Headset Software Update (VHS).

In order for the update to install, you must download it from the Oculus Store.

To install the VHS update, you need to head over to the Oculus store and click on the Update Now button.

This will open a window with the VHDL file you downloaded earlier.

Click on the Install button to install the update.

The VR Headband Software Update will download the latest VR HeadSet Software Update, which is the VR headband you’ll be wearing when you begin playing Minecraft VR.

Once the VRHeadband Software update is installed, you should see a message pop up saying “Your current Vive VR headset is not compatible with this update.”

To install a new headset, follow the instructions below.

Once you’ve installed the VR headset, you can head over and select the Vive version of Minecraft VR from the VR Home screen.

After you’ve selected the Vive game, click the Show menu and select Settings to launch the VR settings menu.

Select the Display tab, and then click on VR Mode to set the virtual reality mode to “Fullscreen”.

In the VR Mode page, you will see a list of settings to adjust for each of the VR headsets.

If you have any issues, click on Customize to tweak the VR mode.

This is where you’ll find the Virtual Reality options.

Select your VR headset and click the VR Settings button.

At the top of the page, select your VR monitor and select “Enable Headset Display” to turn the VR monitor on.

If your VR headset has a built-in headset display, it will be on the bottom right of the screen.

To change the display to “Vive Full Screen” in the VRSettings page, click Show VR Settings and then toggle “Headset Display”.

If you don’t have a VR headset that has a headset display that is on the top, you have to click on Show VR to toggle the headset’s display.

At this point, you’re all set to start playing Minecraft!

Once you’re ready to play, click and drag your avatar from the left of the game window to the right of your character.

To see how the avatar is positioned, click in the direction your avatar is facing.

If the avatar looks at the left side of the display, then you’ve set the avatar’s position correctly.

If it looks at both sides of the headset, then it’s an error.

To adjust the avatar position, click your avatar and click and hold the left mouse button down until the avatar moves up to the correct position.

If that doesn’t work, click again and hold.

If no change is made to the avatar, click “Try again.”

To play another round of Minecraft, click that avatar again and move it forward.

If a different avatar appears, then that’s an issue with the VRheadband software.

You’ll have the option to use the Oculus’ Touch controllers to interact with the avatar in VR.

To do so, click with the mouse, then drag the avatar.

When you click with your right mouse button, you won’t see any progress on the avatar or touchpad.

The touchpad is the input surface that controls the avatar motion, so if you accidentally drag the touchpad to the wrong spot, it won’t respond.

The solution is to click the touch pad with the right mouse and drag the left pointer in the same direction you dragged your mouse.

This makes it so that the pointer stays where you left it when you press the right button.

The Oculus Touch Controller will have a red dot on the touch controller.

If this is the case, you may have a touchpad that has no touchpad and no red dot.

To fix this, just double click the pointer on the Touchpad.

If all this doesn’t help, go back to the main VRsettings page and check the “Check for errors” box.

Once all of this is done, click OK to close the VRsettings screen.

You should see that the avatar has been moved to the appropriate spot.

To finish off, click back to VRsettings to return to the original Minecraft VR settings.

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