4 games to play for kids in STEM fields

Aug 4, 2021 Help

5 games you should play in STEM disciplines to boost STEM literacy article The U.S. Department of Education’s STEM Education Standards for Students (SEERS) will be released in the coming weeks.

While this new document will help guide teachers and educators as they plan curriculum and curriculum content for students, the real work begins when we design STEM programs that can help kids learn more about math, science, and technology.

STEM has been the bedrock of our economy since the beginning of time.

Today, millions of kids from around the world are learning to code in the field of STEM.

The U,S., and around the globe are looking to create a better future for their future.

The Department of Labor has published its new STEM Jobs Report and it offers some valuable information.

As a STEM education and skills advocate, I’ve been deeply concerned about the lack of job growth and job creation opportunities for American workers.

The recent news of a record-high STEM unemployment rate has me thinking about the opportunities we still have left.

I know we have more work to do.

That is why I am excited to introduce this report to you and to the STEM community: This report will give you an overview of how STEM students are performing in STEM-related job opportunities and how we can help them get a better education.

We will also examine the opportunities for kids and families who might be impacted by the lack or absence of STEM jobs in the United States.

This report will provide the best data and analysis to help educators, employers, and policymakers understand the challenges and opportunities that students in STEM face in the workforce.

The report includes the following key findings:* More than 20% of STEM students reported having experienced discrimination in STEM jobs.

The unemployment rate for STEM students is nearly twice the national average of 3.6%.

STEM students of color, women, and students who are low-income are more likely to experience job discrimination than are STEM students who have high-school diplomas.

In the STEM workforce, STEM students with a college degree are twice as likely to report having experienced job discrimination as are those with a high school diploma or less.

Students who report being exposed to STEM discrimination are more than twice as often experiencing a STEM job loss as those who did not.

Students with STEM degrees are more often experiencing job loss than students with an associate’s degree.

Nearly one-third of STEM graduates are unemployed or underemployed.

The STEM unemployment and underempployment rate is higher for students with advanced degrees than for those with less advanced degrees.

The STEM unemployment gap has widened in the past few years.

For students with associate’s degrees, STEM unemployment is much higher.

The employment gap is especially wide for students who do not have a bachelor’s degree or a high-level of education.

For those with bachelor’s degrees or higher, the STEM unemployment difference between the two groups is twice as wide.

Students with advanced degree are more impacted by STEM job discrimination, than are students with bachelor degrees or less education.

While students with college degrees are less likely to be affected by STEM discrimination, high school students are more affected.

High school students with STEM-based degrees are twice the rate of students who did none of the following: had a high enough GPA or took a test that required a minimum grade of C- or better.had a high sufficient SAT score.had less than a high SAT score for both math and reading.had an overall GPA in the bottom half of the range.had the lowest overall GPA of any high school student in their graduating class.had either not completed an advanced degree program or completed an associate degree program that did not require a bachelor degree.had earned a grade of B or better in a school-based test, but had no grades below B average.had received a G in their school-related test or the results of a general knowledge test.had obtained an A on a state-mandated test, including one that required at least a high score in math.had taken a test with a higher grade than that required by the state, including the ACT.had attended a school that offered a bachelor of science degree.received a G or higher in a test taken at an accredited college or university that required the student to have an overall grade of at least B in math or science.received an A or lower on a test at an approved school.received at least A in a math or physics test.received the highest overall GPA (or a grade in the top half of those in their high school graduating class) on an accepted test at a state accredited college.received more than an A in the test of any kind.received either a C or lower grade in a high mathematics or science test.did not complete an advanced math or a science test, or did not have any grade below a B average in any of their high math or Science tests.received any of the above as a G grade.received two or fewer of the below grades in a STEM course.

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