How to spot a counterfeit chip from a real one – The science of counterfeit chips

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Posted October 03, 2018 07:29:37 How to tell if you’ve purchased counterfeit chips from a fake chip shop article As you can imagine, this process can be quite complicated.

And it doesn’t always involve a high-powered scanner.

If you’re shopping for chips at a chip shop, you may have been wondering if they’re authentic or not.

So, if you’re buying chips from the fake chip shops, here are the main things to look for.


The chips are marked as being from the same company and brand.

This is the biggest warning sign that they’re counterfeit.


The chip is labelled as a chip chip.

This will be very important in any situation where you have to pay cash or credit card.


The company logo is missing.

This may indicate that the chip is counterfeit.

It can also be a sign that it’s a fake.


The label says “Certified by the Australian Standards Organisation (ASO).

This certification is a valid mark of authenticity”.

This is often used as a sign of authenticity by chip shops.


The product appears to be genuine.

This indicates that the chips were manufactured from genuine components.


The brand is missing or incorrect.

These may be signs of counterfeit products.


The logo is printed on the chip, but it looks like it has been altered.

This can indicate that it has come from a third party.

If this is the case, it can also indicate that a counterfeit product has been found.


The packaging appears to have been tampered with.

These can also lead you to believe that a fake product has arrived.

If these are the case you should be very suspicious of the chips.


There is no trace of the manufacturer or any markings on the packaging.


There are no other markings on packaging.

If there is, it is likely to be fake.

This means the chips have been sent to the shop for testing.

If it is a genuine chip, you should check that the packaging has not been tamper-proofed.


The seller has altered the label.

This could be a fake or it could be genuine but has been changed.


The shop has not provided any instructions or instructions in writing.

These should be a warning sign.

If they are, you’ll want to be extra cautious.


The customer has not paid or provided any proof of identity.

This should also be checked.


The store’s website has been removed from the internet.

This shows that the store is not genuine and has not sent you the chip.


The bank or financial institution has removed the information on the website.

If a chip is not listed, it’s likely that it is counterfeit and has been sent by a third-party.


The information on a customer’s account has been cancelled.

This also means the chip has been moved out of the store.


The receipt is missing and/or illegible.


The card reader has been replaced.

If the chip was taken out of a machine, you can be pretty sure that the card reader is not functioning.


The sign on the package is not legible.

If so, it indicates that a third country is supplying the chip and that it hasn’t been tested.


The plastic bag is not labelled correctly.

If any of these are found, it may be a genuine product and you should contact the seller.


The name on the back of the package has changed.

This would be a good indication that the seller has changed the name of the chip to indicate that they are from another country.

If that’s the case it’s worth checking.


There’s a gap in the back.

This looks suspicious.


The cardboard package has been ripped open and a number of chips are missing.


The lettering on the cardboard is different from the label on the chips or the chip package.

If anything is missing, you might be dealing with counterfeit chips.

If all of these items are present, it means that the manufacturer has changed its production process and is using a different chip to make the chips available.


The package does not contain a receipt.

This sign indicates that there are no traceable records of who produced the chips and that the product has not come from an approved source.


There seems to be a problem with the packaging, or the cardboard.

This might indicate that there has been a manufacturing error.


The tag has been pulled from the chip packaging.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the chip isn’t genuine.


The sticker on the bottom of the box is missing from the package.


The back of a packet is broken.

This has to do with the weight of the packet, and it can be indicative that the

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